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A Beginners Guide to Using WordPress

Getting started with your WordPress website design is not as scary as it sounds and unlike other platforms the DIY usability and design capability allow you to make your website stands out. Hosting with us costs less and you get more!

Learn How to Customize Your Website Using WordPress Dashboard

Navigating the WordPress dashboard is easy. If you are new to WordPress, watch these quick tutorials to help get you started.

The Dashboard

Website Themes

What theme should I use for my website? WordPress themes vary greatly based on what your primary use of your website will be or are currently. Some basic requirements of all websites are accessibility, speed, and flow.

Watch these videos to learn how to install, customize and adda menu to your theme.

How do I choose the right plugins?

It’s quite alright to choose a minimal theme and find the right plugins to support your business and not bog down your website. With so many plugins to choose from, we will always share our favorites with you. If you are running an e-commerce website most standard WordPress eCommerce themes support Woocommerce a well known trusted storefront. If you are creating an educational platform you will want to use LearnPress. And forget about joining MailChimp or another newsletter site you can integrate Newsletter directly into your site and create beautifully designed newsletters right from your dashboard.

Learn how to install and configure your plugins.